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Spring 2018 Newsletter

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The Poplar Point Camp Newsletter

Spring 2018

Then Jesus said, "Let's go off by ourselves to a quiet place and rest awhile." (Mark 6:31, NLT)

Isn’t this one of the main purposes of Christian camping? Sure, you can also play games, enjoy good camp food, make new friends, be inspired by great speakers, and play pranks once in a while during a week of camp. But in today’s busy world filled with technology and noise, it does us so much good once in a while to disconnect from all that, go to a quiet place like Poplar Point Camp for a few days, and just rest and let the Lord speak to you.

Summer camp is coming in just 8 weeks! Alliance Teen Camp falls during the first full week of summer, June 3-8, and Kids Camp comes right after, June 10-14. Register soon to avoid late fees! You can find a registration link on our website, poplarpointcamp.com.

And, as always, financial assistance is available for those who qualify and have a pastor’s recommendation. Just ask us!


We need your help at our annual spring workday, Saturday, April 28th, from 9-4. There will be outdoor work and indoor work for people of all ages and skill levels. Come on out and we’ll put you to work. Lunch is provided, and lodging the night before if needed. Please RSVP ahead of time so we’ll know you’re coming. Thank you!

Alliance Men’s Retreat 2018 was exciting! John Stumbo, president of the C&MA, flew in from Colorado to be the special speaker as 133 men and boys from across the district gathered to fellowship and hear from the Lord. Thanks, Jimmy Johnson and team, for planning a great weekend!

PPC is becoming a local wedding venue, believe it or not! We had two weddings/wedding receptions last year, and two more scheduled for this summer. One of the couples tying the knot this June actually met at camp several years ago. Congratulations to each couple saying “I do”!

In an effort to make the dormitories look more “finished,” we have been busy the past year putting up wallboard on the walls and laying waterproof vinyl laminate on the floors. We were able to get a good deal on the laminate flooring at Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore, and it was tax-free to boot! You’ll really notice the difference next time you stay in the girls’ or boys’ dorm. Thanks, Bob and Debby Howen, for all your help!

And thank YOU for praying for this Christian camping ministry! Please feel free to contact us at any time with questions, concerns, or anything else.

Winter 2018 Newsletter

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The Poplar Point Camp Newsletter

Winter 2018

“What is it about camp that brings about such profound and often quick results?”

Concentration—a concentrated ministry of God’s Word. Truth is taught, explained, demonstrated, and reinforced over and over.

Time—a 24-hour-a-day experience of living together over a period of several days to absorb truth and think it through.

Group living—the message is modeled. Truth is lived out through a living relationship with God and with others.

Awayness—Away from cities, people, noise, demands, routines, etc.

Purpose—that of a safe, wholesome, Christ-centered environment. A well-planned week of fun, learning, and relaxation for the campers.

Staff—Counselors who are there for the campers. Living demonstrations of the love of Christ.

Nature—God’s great outdoors.

Fun—having a great time at camp!

“Young people experience more spiritual growth in a few days at camp than a whole year of attendance at Sunday School.”

(by Bob McKemey, Okutama Bible Chalet, Japan; reprinted from the January 2000 issue of the Poplar Point Camp newsletter)

Impact 2018, the winter youth retreat for the Southern District of the C&MA, took place last weekend. Around 55 teens and youth workers gathered for a frigid, but uplifting retreat. Dan Boal, from Alliance headquarters in Colorado, was the speaker once again. He challenged the youth to not only survive, but “THRIVE” in their walk with the Lord. Levi Owens and the Crossroads Youth led worship during the weekend. Praise God with us for His presence here during the past few days!

Upcoming events:

• Alliance Men’s Retreat, February 16-17; speaker, C&MA President John Stumbo

• Alliance Teen Camp, June 3-8

• Alliance Kids Camp, June 10-14

Thank you to everyone who gave to this ministry in 2017!

See updates and pictures on Facebook!

Fall 2017 Newsletter

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The Poplar Point Camp Newsletter

Fall 2017

Thank you, once again, Great Commission Women, for collecting supplies for camp. Your generosity overwhelmed us! Over 300 rolls of toilet paper, 18 shower curtains, 26 ping pong paddles, 30 bottles of bleach and many more supplies were collected at Ladies Retreat this year, and we are so grateful!

What’s been going on at camp this fall?

• Labor Day retreat for district workers & their families: over 40 people gathered to eat, swim, and fellowship

• Dexcom retreat: the Southern District Executive Committee met for 2 days and nights in September at PPC

• Homeschool campout: over 120 kids and adults (many from Fountain of Grace in Prattville) camped out around the field one October weekend

• Two weddings in October, with 2 more tentatively scheduled for 2018

What’s coming up this winter?

• January 12-15: Impact 2018, a retreat for Alliance teens 6th grade and up. Dan Boal will be the speaker and Levi Owens will lead worship. Shoot us an email and we’ll send you the registration link.

• February 16-17: Alliance Men’s Retreat. President of the C&MA John Stumbo will be the speaker. Men and teen boys, don’t miss this!

Summer Newsletter

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“In the course of kids asking me questions about bananas and my first job, he asked if my parents were divorced and then told everyone his parents were getting divorced. Tears filled his eyes and I told him we would talk one on one later. A more articulate, smart, and hurting 9 year old I have never met. I made him look me in the eyes and spoke truth into him, I stroked his head, and then we held hands and talked to Jesus together because this situation is too big for either of us to figure out.

This is why I do what I do. I listen, I empathize, I pray, and I point to Jesus. And maybe, just maybe, God will use this week to imprint forever truth on this one's little heart. We serve a good God and kids desperately need to know him.” These words from Melissa MacDonald, Children’s Disciplemaking Ministries Specialist for the C&MA and speaker for the week of Kid’s Camp, could be echoed by any of us who work or volunteer at Poplar Point Camp. Counselors, kitchen workers, speakers, support staff, donors—we’re all here for one thing: to bring glory to Christ by introducing young people to Him. This is why we do what we do.

Thanks for praying for youth camps this year. It was a great two weeks! There were over 80 campers and counselors each week. Pete Brokopp, a former C&MA missionary to Africa who now works with the Envision program in Atlanta, spoke at Teen Camp and really challenged the teens to follow the Lord’s leading in their lives. Melissa MacDonald and Judy Gaskin were the speakers for Kids’ Camp. Judy encouraged the kids to try durian candy and cat coffee, but she also inspired them with her stories of life and ministry in Indonesia. Many, many young people were able to step away from their normal lives for a week this summer and be steeped in God’s Word, good friends, and outdoor fun. Thanks to everyone who helped make this happen, and thanks to God who is building His church through Christian camping.

We are thankful for:

*AC at the gym, and solar panels to keep the energy cost down!

*A clear, beautiful pool all summer

*Great teen kitchen helpers

*Seeing God work in the lives of young people this summer

*Seeing God mobilize adults to give up a comfortable week at home to come help at summer camp

*Those who provided scholarships so kids could come to camp, and those who give regularly to the camp so we can keep improving

Winter Newsletter

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It was unseasonably warm and beautiful weather for a winter retreat this past weekend. Temperatures soared into the 70’s as 75 teens and adults made their way to Poplar Point Camp for Impact 2017, the annual Alliance youth retreat for the Southern District. Dan Boal, the Alliance Youth Ministries Consultant from the national office, and Sarah Mabee, Alliance missionary to Taiwan, were the speakers for the weekend. The theme for the weekend was “God-Sized Questions.” Sarah Mabee was also a counselor for the weekend, so this PPC alumna got the full camp experience! She writes, “It was so incredibly good to be at Impact this weekend at Poplar Point Camp. The students asked “God-sized questions.” They began to find answers to those questions, and apply them to their lives. The students began wrestling with surrender, learning to worship passionately, and truly feeling God’s love for the first time. Amazing conversations were held, tears shed, prayers prayed, and lives changed! So many came up to me to share that they feel God is calling them to be missionaries as well! I’m very excited for the next generation to be following after God. What an amazing privilege to be a part of it this weekend!” A lot of work has been done on the gym! Plywood was installed around the entire playing area to make the walls more sturdy and impervious to all the hard use they get. We’ve also done a few updates in the front part of the gym, with some new lightweight tables in the classroom, and handmade frames with camp pictures in the lobby. It continues to improve! Look for a big improvement coming summer 2017…